FCRC Recognizes Volunteers and Patriots

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The Flagler County Republican Club was pleased to announce the 2018 Volunteers of the Year at the Annual Meeting on December 8th. Held at the Grand Haven Village Center, Tony Panetta was on hand to receive the award on behalf of himself and his wife, Rose Panetta,

“Rose and Tony are another shining example of what dedicated volunteers can achieve,” said FCRC President Danielle Anderson. “Each time there has been an event, poll work, staffing the office, anything, they have stepped up, and always done it with a smile. They are what being a gracious volunteer is all about,” she said.

Also honored on Saturday evening, Ms. Fanny Herrera was selected for the inaugural 2018 Pat Sullivan Patriot Award.  Presented by Pat’s husband, Flagler County Commissioner David Sullivan, Herrera accepted the award from Sullivan, for her patriotic spirit and dedication to America, to rousing applause.

The evening marked a jovial time for all – members and guests alike, with a magic show by “Magical” Mike Randazzo, costume contests, “Most Likely To…” awards and the election of the Flagler County Republican Club 2019-2020 slate of officers.

“Our team of volunteers has worked hard over the past two years and we wanted to really help them remember that being part of this can be fun as well,” said Anderson. “Next year we’re changing up the schedule even more with a mix of socials and meetings with dynamic speakers, to keep it fresh and interesting as we move rapidly toward the 2020 election,” she said. “We hope people will see how much fun being a Republican can be, and join us. The door’s open!”

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